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  1. Wallpaper is karmically irresponsible

    Apparently I'm a blue person. My old room was a horrendously light shade of blue, so I painted it a darker blue. It turned out too dark, however; this time around, I chose a better shade of blue--more blue grey, slightly lighter. My coworkers at the art gallery suggested doing three walls in a natural brown and having a blue accent wall, but I was too timid to follow up on this recommendation; I stuck with blue.

    What was originally a one-man operation became a one-man-and-twins operation when my friends Cassie and Carly offered to help paint. I didn't even have to ask!((Of course, buying them each an xkcd t-shirt for Christmas might have had something to do with it.)) I woke up early that morning and moved most of my furniture out of my room. Then I washed the three walls without wallpaper before tackling that last, fatal wall.

    One wall had a secret message Removing the wallpaper was tedious but not difficult. The surface vinyl came off easily, and the commercial wallpaper remover worked as advertised on the adhesive. It wasn't difficult so much as a time-consuming, foamy mess. I finished shortly after 1 o'clock, and then Cassie and Carly arrived in time to…

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  2. Before and After

    Before and After

    My stuffed animals My brother, Brad, and I spent almost the entire day painting my room. It turned out wonderfully, and I'm very pleased with it--not only are the walls a different colour, but it gave me a chance to clean out my room and reorganise. ^_^ Of course, a lot of prep work went into the endeavor. I had to remove all of my stuffed animals from my room ... and I have a lot. They aren't going back in, because I'm not putting the spare bed back. They will instead be relocated to a new tenement located in the family room.

    Before painting So once we had cleared stuff out and set up our gear, we cleaned the walls and started to paint.After painting It only took two coats with some touch up before the baby blue turned into a rich "sapphire glow". (Don't ask me how they come up with these colour names...). After it dried, we cleaned up and I started to move stuff back into my bedroom. I just finished, and I've left most of the little stuff out for tonight because I'm exhausted. It's a good thing exams are over. :D

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