InvisionFree/ZetaBoards Server Status

If we have information about server downtime, we will post an announcement in our service announcements forum on the support board. We will announce planned downtime in advance. If a server is down and you don't see an announcement, please do not post a topic about the server problem. Chances are we have already learned about the problem and are taking steps to correct it as quickly as possible. Posting such topics will not reduce the time it takes for the server to come back online. We understand server problems are always an inconvenience. For more information, see the help section of this page.

Server Status


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InvisionFree Servers

z1.invisionfree.comServer 1 is online
z2.invisionfree.comServer 2 is online
z3.invisionfree.comServer 3 is online
z4.invisionfree.comServer 4 is online
z6.invisionfree.comServer 6 is online
z7.invisionfree.comServer 7 is online
z8.invisionfree.comServer 8 is online
z9.invisionfree.comServer 9 is online
z10.invisionfree.comServer 10 is online
z11.invisionfree.comServer 11 is online
z12.invisionfree.comServer 12 is online
z13.invisionfree.comServer 13 is online
z14.invisionfree.comServer 14 is online
z15.invisionfree.comServer 15 is online

ZetaBoards Servers

s1.zetaboards.comServer 1 is online
s2.zetaboards.comServer 2 is online
s3.zetaboards.comServer 3 is online
s4.zetaboards.comServer 4 is online
s6.zetaboards.comServer 6 is online
s7.zetaboards.comServer 7 is online
s8.zetaboards.comServer 8 is online
s9.zetaboards.comServer 9 is online
s10.zetaboards.comServer 10 is online
s11.zetaboards.comServer 11 is online
s12.zetaboards.comServer 12 is online
s13.zetaboards.comServer 13 is online
s14.zetaboards.comServer 14 is online
s15.zetaboards.comServer 15 is online

Keep Calm and Carry On

Why is a server down?

You might be unable to access a server for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. Planned downtime (for maintenance, upgrades, etc.)
  2. Hardware problems
  3. Problems with the data centre where the servers are located (e.g., power interruption)
  4. Malicious activity (i.e., DDOS attacks)
  5. Network problems between the server and your location

This page says the server is online, but I can't access my board‽

Then the problem is probably between you and the server rather than with the server itself. You can always get a second opinion or perform a traceroute. If the traceroute resolves correctly, the problem might be with your computer: for example, sometime security software can block certain websites. Or, you might be on a network (such as a school or workplace network) that blocks certain sites, including our servers. If you continue to have trouble accessing a server even when it is online, please submit a support ticket or visit our support board.


You can view the status of only InvisionFree servers or only ZetaBoards servers. To view the status of one server in particular, add &s=NUM, where NUM is the server number.