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  1. Using a Wiimote to control iTunes

    A couple of months ago, I stumbled across a way to create a low-cost interactive whiteboard using a Wiimote. All that was required was a Wiimote (for its infrared camera), an infrared-emitting pen, and a flat surface. The Wiimote would track the pen across the surface and report its coordinates back to the computer program, which could then draw, trigger controls, or whatever you wantetd it to do.

    I don't own a Wii, so I bought a Wiimote alone. I couldn't get the pen working properly, however (I tried building one myself rather than buying one). So I shelved my Wiimote, where it sat gathering dust, forgotten. Until yesterday.

    Often I like to read in my comfy chair that's on the other side of my desk. I'll have iTunes playing music, and I don't like having to get up and go to my computer to adjust the volume or skip a song. It's even more inconvenient if I'm outside and playing the music through the window. I don't have a multimedia remote (when ordering this computer from Dell, I didn't think I'd ever want one--foolish me).

    Last week, Lifehacker published an article about using the Wiimote with your computer

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