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I went driving for my first time today after Black Light! :|

I didn't crash the car into anything, though, so we'll call it a success. My dad took me to a subdivision where there's no traffic. Basically I tried to get comfortable with the car--which still scares me--and get a feel for using the steering wheel, gas, brakes, etc. I bemoan my lack of spatial sense and find it very difficult to know just how hard to press a pedal or turn the wheel. But I'll learn.

Like I said, I didn't break anything, and I did pretty well. Now I just have to find a driving school. I've put that on hold for a bit because Black Light practices have been my weekend focus. We present on April 10 and today (er, Saturday) was our first actual practice with the entire set assembled. Unsurprisingly, the play makes much more sense with a set around it than without! We have one more practice next week, a dress rehearsal, and time! I think we'll be ready.

My "project" this weekend has been programming Snake in Turing (what we've been using for computer science). I have it all done except for one bug with the high score feature that causes the game to crash. Darn inconveniences.

And I just realised that Daylight Savings Time kicked in--I glance at my clock: 1:59. I look again, 3:05. :blink: Either DST snuck up on me, or I blacked out. Now I have to go to bed because I've just lost an hour.

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